Piet Hein tunnel closed? Get on your bicycle and reward yourself!

Today is a great day to make the switch to cycling. To encourage the use of the bicycle in Amsterdam, we offer two fun initiatives.

Try one of the two initiatives:

Download the cycle app

Cycling with the Toogethr Cycles app brings many benefits:

  • Save points for free gifts from the webshop
  • Unlock donations for charity


Sign up for the app within 1 minute and start saving right away!

Try an E-bike

Always wanted to try out an E-bike? You can now do so for one week for only 10 euros! The benefits of cycling:

  • Not affected by the closure of the Piet Heintunnel
  • Get there faster


Click below for more information and find a bicycle store or other distribution point near you.

How does the app work?

Toogethr Cycles offers you this free app in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam. The idea is simple: if your bike ride can be an alternative for the Piet Hein tunnel, you earn points. And you can exchange those points in the webshop for discount coupons or a donation to a local charity. The more rides you make, the more you earn!

- or -

Try out an E-bike

Trying an electric bike is very simple: from the options below you select a pick up location for retrieving your E-bike. Then choose the period in which you want to try out the E-bike or E-cargo bike and select the type of bike. You then pay the personal contribution of €10 and pick up the bike at the agreed date and time. Curious about all the possibilities? Read more here.

Donkey shared bike

Do you not have a bicycle yourself, or do you not have it at hand for a while? Then grab a Donkey shared bike! Download the Donkey Republic App and find a bike near you. With the discount code PIETHEINTUNNEL2022 you now get 1 hour free.

Grab the shared e-cargo bike

Do you take your children to school by car? Or do you often go to work by car? Rent Cargoroo’s electric cargo bike and cycle away quickly. Did you drop the kids off? Then use the electric cargo bike for shopping. Download and register the Cargoroo app now and get the first hour completely free. #letscargoroo

Why cycling?

The Piet Hein tunnel will be closed for 15 months and there is a high chance that car drivers will experience significant traffic disruption. For people who live or work in Amsterdam, the bicycle or E-bike is a good alternative. Cycling around the tunnel will remain possible and is a fast and healthy way to travel from door to door. It is also very convenient to take the bike to a P+R location or train station, park it there and then continue on to your final destination.

To encourage bicycle use – and to minimize traffic disruption around the Piet Hein Tunnel – we have launched a number of great campaigns in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam. We want to get motorists to use their bikes or try out an e-bike and we want to reward everyone who rides a bike, now or in the future!

Want to know more about the closure of the Piet Heintunnel and alternative routes? Go to Amsterdam Bereikbaar.