About Toogethr Cycles

Earn points for rewards or support a local charity

Toogethr, in collaboration with Gemeente Amsterdam, offers travelers the opportunity to use Toogethr Cycles, the free bike app that challenges and rewards you, during the renovation of the Piet Heintunnel. Do you ever drive through the Piet Heintunnel by car or cab? And have you thought about a travel alternative for when the tunnel closes? Grab your bike, e-bike, speel pedelec or (electric) shared scooter and earn that reward!

Toogethr Cycles makes travelling healthier, more fun & sustainable. With the app, you earn points for your cycled kilometres. These points can be exchanged for a well-deserved reward or donated to one of the local charities in the in-app webshop. These include discount vouchers for Bol.com, Zalando, HEMA, Bijenkorf, nice cinemas, local restaurants or a donation to the Plastic Whale Foundation, Voedselbank Amsterdam or the Cruijff Foundation. The more rides you register, the bigger your reward!

Register now for Toogethr Cycles, hop on your bike, e-bike, speed pedelec or electric shared scooter and challenge yourself! In the app you earn points for a well-deserved reward or donate to one of the local charities in the in-app webshop.

Why Toogethr Cycles?

  • Save points for fun free rewards from the webshop!
  • Do you need to be in the city centre? Chances are you’ll be faster by bike.
  • Stimulate your physical and mental health by cycling.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a cleaner and healthier Amsterdam!

How does Toogethr Cycles work?

  • Open the app, indicate the type of bike you will be using and check if the GPS on your phone is switched on.
  • Are you using an electric shared scooter? Then tap “Speed pedelec” as your type of transportation and your rides will be registered.
  • Register your ride by pressing “Start”. Have you arrived at your destination? Then press “Stop”.
  • Are you standing still for a longer period of time during your ride? Then press “Pause ride”. As soon as you drive on, you can resume the ride by pressing “Resume ride”.
  • Do you regularly leave at the same time? Then plan your rides in advance at “Cycle alarms”.
  • Still working from home and/or are you up for a challenge? Try one of our personal challenges, such as “The Marathon” or “The Tour-de-France”, and challenge yourself!

Ken je iemand waarmee jij graag samen een rit wilt maken? Nodig hem/haar dan uit in de app om de rit te delen! Zo wordt fietsen nog gezelliger, en samen zorgen jullie voor een schonere wereld. Toogethr wenst je veel plezier!🚲

When do I earn points for my ride?

With the Toogethr Cycles app, you can earn points by cycling or riding an electric shared scooter. Can your ride be seen as an alternative for the Piet Hein tunnel? Then you will receive points for your ride. Curious how we determine that? Then read on.

Does your ride ‘touch’ both areas (A and B)? Then you earn points for your ride. It doesn’t matter how far you cycle, so keep going for the maximum number of points. The maximum amount of points you can earn per ride is 100 and equals 20 kilometers!

Protip! Are you using an electric share scooter? Then select “Speed Pedelec” as the type of bike.

When you have earned enough points you can spend them on an awesome reward from the in-app webshop or donate them to a local charity! Do you already know what you’re going for?

Question? Go to our frequently asked questions or send an email to support@toogethr.com